About Me

My Work

Traditional family photography captures what your family looks like. My style of family photography captures what your family feels like. 

The shoots I do are very relaxed. We'll take a couple of quick posed shots of everyone, and then we will switch gears. I document what this time in your lives is like. During one of my favorite sessions, the dad made dinner while mom held the new baby. It was quiet and intimate and perfect. I want you to be able to vividly remember everything when you look back on these photos years down the road.

My Life

Born and raised in Rahway, but now I'm in Metuchen, so that's cool. 

When not taking photos, I hang out with my son and run Hub City Fencing Academy in Edison, NJ with my husband.

I draw most of my guidance about living life from Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius' book, "Meditations." I think the best way to describe the world is the joke, "If you leave hydrogen alone for long enough, it starts to wonder why it's here."